Chebe  Conditioners
Chebe  Conditioners
Chebe  Conditioners
Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner - Stimugro
Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner - Stimugro
Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner - Stimugro
Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner - StimuGro

Chebe Conditioners

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Chebe Leave-In Hair Conditioner
(100% All Natural) 

What is Chebe:

Chébé, a Chadian mixture of herbs is made primarily from Croton Gratissimus,
also known as the Lavender Croton. Used for decades in Africa, it has proven to restore and maintain healthy hair.

Anti Inflammatory: Cleanses the scalp and prevents fungus from growing in. 

Alkaloids: It neutralizes the PH of the hair shaft and the scalp.

Moisture: It is moisturizing and allows the hair to grow in long, black and nourished locks.


Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner Benefits:

Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner is an extreme moisturizer for your hair. It's voluminous ingredients will thoroughly hydrate your hair giving it a rich feel. Get all the benefits of Chebe, without feeling the powder in your hair. Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner has been proven to reduce breakage and hair loss while promoting a stronger hair growth. Healthier, stronger, and moisturized hair. 





Chebe powder mix, chebe seeds, argan oil, sandalwood oil, nutritional vitamins. 


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We believe in providing quality products which produce real results. StimuGro was founded by a certified trichologist and herbologist and our whole collection is tested and recommended by naturopathic doctors. Simply put, we know hair! 





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