What is Stimucap? How does it affect hair loss?



Stimucap is an innovative cosmetic ingredient, formed by the balanced association of two functional compounds: CLA Glutathione and Sodium DNA. The uniqueness of this blend is based on the complementary actions of two active substances.


Hair Loss & Baldness:

The time-evolution of alopecia, the scalp affection generally known as baldness, is characterized by a cascade of irreversible phenomena. Firstly, a progressive involution and miniaturization of the hair follicle is observed. Then, the follicle shifts from the subcutaneous layer to the dermal superficial layers, giving rise to smaller and thinner hair shafts. Successively, a fibrosis of the connective tissue around the bulb takes place. This is frequently accompanied by inflammatory process. After the onset of these modifications to the hair follicle and the surrounding tissue, hair loss and an irreversible atrophy of the bulb occur.  Stimucap has demonstrated to be highly effective in the prevention and reduction of premature hair loss, according to the reported experimental protocol.


Stimucap Effectiveness:

A series of instrumental and objective evaluations have been carried out on 30 volunteers, suffering from alopecia and telogen effluvium, in order to experimentally determine the anti-hair loss potential of Stimucap. The ‘hair resistance to traction’ test (pull test) results, following 3 month use by volunteers, demonstrate that Stimucap based lotion increases by 40,0% the hair fibres’ resistance, while Control lotion shows a non significant, more modest increase, equal to 17,6% 

Subjects under testing also expressed their personal opinions about efficacy, tolerability and pleasantness of the treatment, thus giving a sensory response concerning the perceivable parameters. A statistically significant increase in the subjective tolerability and in the perceived efficacy was detected after 2 and after 3 months of treatment with the Stimucap lotion. The tested products resulted as being well tolerated and neither had negative effects, nor induced any irritation of the scalp.


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