What is Alopecia? Is there a cure?

Alopecia - Causes and Solutions

What does Alopecia Mean?
Alopecia is an umbrella term used for conditions associated with hair loss.


Androgenic Alopecia
Also known as "male pattern baldness" and “female pattern baldness,” can strike younger as well as older people. It's genetic, so having a family history can predict if you might inherit it. In both men and women, it's linked to having an excess of male hormones (androgens) around the hair follicles, which can block hair growth. Women are more likely to develop androgenic alopecia after menopause, when they have fewer female hormones.

"Most cases of hair loss are due to androgenic alopecia. Approximately 50% of men by the age of 50 years and 15% of women before the time they reach menopause have some degree of androgenic alopecia."


Alopecia Areata
Causes a few temporary bald patches on the scalp. It tends to run in families and often strikes in childhood. The hair loss seems to be part of an immune system problem, in which the body's natural defenses mistakenly attack its own tissue. Once the hair has fallen out in certain spots, new growth is suppressed for weeks or months. This type of alopecia sometimes affects people who have other "autoimmune" diseases like thyroid disease, lupus, or pernicious anemia. Sometimes, it may produce complete scalp baldness (alopecia totalis) or total loss of body hair (alopecia universalis).


Traction Alopecia 
Is a form of gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair. This commonly results from the sufferer frequently wearing their hair in a particularly tight ponytail, pigtails, or braids.


Telogen Effluvium
Is a form of hair loss often associated with pregnancy, medication use, life stress, diets, or surgery. It results in a larger amount of hair cycling into the resting (telogen) state where the hairs are ready to fall out. This type of alopecia usually improves on its own after several months. While it usually resolves, it can become chronic without regrowth of hair.


Anagen Effluvium
This hair loss is associated with chemotherapy. Once the medication is stopped, hair usually grows back.


Scarring Alopecia 
Is a form of hair loss that results in scarring, where scarred areas will not regrow hair. This type of alopecia may have several causes. For example, fungus can leave permanent bald patches.


Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis
Alopecia Totalis is total loss of scalp hair, and alopecia universalis is total loss of body hair, including eyelashes and nose hairs. The root cause is an immune-system attack. 



How can StimuGro help?

StimuGro currently has two collection of products, while the Chebe hair products have shown stronger results in black or type 4 hair, our Alopecia collection is for both women and men of all ages and ethnicity's. 

Chebe Collection:

Chebe is a Chadian mixture of herbs is made primarily from Croton Gratissimus, also known as the Lavender Croton. It is a shrub and it is actually grown all over Africa. This shrub is used for medicinal purposes and you can find it being grown outside houses, mainly in towns and villages.

What are the benefits of Chebe?

  • Anti Inflammatory: cleanses the scalp and prevents fungus and other scalp issues from growing in. 
  • Alkaloids: It neutralizes the PH of the hair Shaft and the scalp.
  • Moisture: It is moisturizing and allows the hair to grow in long, black and nourished locks.


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StimuGro Alopecia Collection:

StimuGro products use an innovative cosmetic ingredient formed by the balanced association of two functional compounds: CLA Glutathione & Sodium DNA. This unique blend is based on the complementary actions of the two active substances. Along with other added natural ingredients, our products have shown strong & quick results in hair thinning and promoting healthy hair growth while leaving your existing hair nourished & fuller.

Key Benefits:
  • Help restore thinning or balding hair
  • DHT inhibitor to prevent hair loss
  • Restore crown area
  • Edge Control - grow back your edges
  • Cleanse and remove build up that clogs the folicular
  • Helps eliminate fungus and folliculitis
  • Prevents dandruff build up and other scalp


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