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Online Trichology Course

StimuGro is now offering an online approved and accredited course for you to become a Certified Trichologist Practitioner. Trichology is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries and because of the massive growth that the field is experiencing, there is a lot of opportunity and earning potential available for the taking. However, this success doesn’t just come overnight. You have to work hard and do the necessary learning in order to succeed in any field and that’s no different in Trichology. Becoming proficient in this field can change your financial future, and one of the best ways to get involved with this field is to take a proven, certified course that can show you around the industry and give you the knowledge you need to know in order to thrive. The StimuGro course offers all of that and more!

Taught by Dodji Ousmane, HNP, PRP Practitioner, Certified Trichologist, owner of award winning StimuGro Inc. company; this self-paced intense online educational course will equip students with the knowledge to give effective service and treat a growing market of customers who have hair and scalp disorders. This course is accredited by CTT (Canadian Trichology Training), a registered network of doctors, hair transplant experts, registered nurses, trichologists, salon owners, and other medical experts.


Earnings Potential

The best thing about the Trichology field is that you can make as much as you want to make--as long as you work hard and know your stuff. In addition to the high ceiling, there’s also a high floor when it comes to Trichology. The cost of the course to learn Trichology and all of the other necessary skills that come along with it is minimal and provides you with an opportunity to pay for the course quickly.


Proven StimuGro Products

Not only is the course system a proven way to generate revenue, but the StimuGro products are high-quality as well. You will learn about each product and how it is created and what it is used for. Upon successful completion of the course you will gain access to discount / wholesale prices! You can easily display the benefits of each product to your clients because they practically sell themselves! They provide high-quality hair care and that means you’ll be able to consistently deliver value to your clients to keep them coming back for more.


Get Certified Today

Successful students will be able to effectively help all clients dealing with hair and scalp issues by conducting in-depth Scientific Consultations with their clients, provide effective in-salon treatments for hair loss and scalp irritations, submit hair samples for hair mineral analysis, and most importantly help all those in need of hair and scalp help. If you’re ready to earn a part-time or full-time flexible income while operating your own business, then this course from StimuGro is the right choice. They’ll give you all the tools you need to be a successful business owner and forge your path ahead for future financial independence. 

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