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StimuGro Volumizing Shampoo

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StimuGro Volumizing Shampoo
Alopecia Line
For Fuller & Thicker Hair



StimuGro Volumizing Shampoo Benefits:

Stimugro Volumizing Shampoo leaves the hair healthy, shiny, manageable, and fuller looking. Enriched with panthenol and olive oil, Stimogro Volumizing Shampoo helps repair and thicken hair. Stimugro Volumizing Shampoo is paraben-free and sodium lauryl sulphate free, making it a safe and effective way to stimulate hair grow.


Who is this product for:

Men and women from ages 18-89 of all ethnicity's who suffer from Alopecia (umbrella term for hair loss).



Apply StimuGro Shampoo onto wet hair. Massage a generous amount with your finger tips into your hair and scalp. Repeat up to two times and rinse. Follow-up with StimuGro Conditioner. 


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