Why natural hair products are better for your hair!

Natural Hair Care Products - Safe and Healthy

Our hair is organic material. It needs nourishment the same way we consume food, to revitalize our body. Hair products, when applied, go to the scalp and most of the time, into the hair shaft. Their primary function is to strengthen our hair follicles and enhance hair growth. For those already losing their hair, it reduces the rate at which the strands fall off.
We've come up with a list of why natural products are essential. It revitalizes the growth of hair and keeps it beautiful. The best part, however, is that StimuGro offers 100% natural hair care products that have no side effects. Check out the list below!

1. You Know exactly what you're buying!

When you buy all natural hair care products, you know exactly what you’re buying. No hidden ingredients. No surprises. Just tons of essential oils, natural ingredients, and wonderful scents!

2. Safe from allergies and reactions!

Chemicals and artificial hair products irritate some people. Often, people do experience itches, rash, and discoloration. Natural products are without all these side effects and potential harm.

3. Less damage to your hair!

Even though the artificial hair products might seem to work faster initially, they do, as time goes on, harsh on the hair. These hair products can do real damage to the hair and hair follicles. It is best to choose natural hair products. They are mild and become milder on the hair as you use them.

4. Natural fragrances!

Natural hair products have a good scent that does not cause a headache, unlike scents from artificial hair products that are made from a mixture of chemicals. Most artificial hair companies tend to add chemicals to chemicals just to mask the smell of the materials they used in making their products. This, when inhaled for a long time, can trigger headaches. Natural hair products do not have this problem, as their fragrance is naturally occurring. They smell like the organic material they used in making it.

5. Paraben Free!

Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives in many hair products. However, recent studies have shown that parabens are potentially dangerous and a possibly carcinogenic. Parabens have been found to be hormone disrupters, able to mimic estrogen and cause many problems, including breast cancer. Fortunately, many companies (Like StimuGro) are addressing these health concerns by developing and offering pareben free products at all price points.

6. Enviromentaly friendly!

Did you know what’s in your shower products can have a negative effect on the environment? Whether you are you using a microbead facial scrub or a chemical-heavy shampoo, these products get sucked down the drain and end up in our waterways. The chemicals in these products can pollute our waterways and poison aquatic wildlife. Organic hair care products use natural ingredients. Organic products are so much better for the environment and can even be better for you. It’s a win-win!



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