How to protect your hair in the winter.

Winter is well on it's way; what can you do to protect that beautiful hair?

Check out some of these helpful tips below:


1. Start using hair oil.

With cold comes dry! During the winter season, your scalp will begin to get drier; this can lead to irritation of the scalp and even dandruff - worst case scenario being your hair starting to fall out! Oil is vital in keeping your scalp and hair moisturized. Check out our Chebe Hair Oil and find out how simply massaging oil into your scalp during these cold winter months can keep your hair beautiful and scalp safe. 

2. Dry your hair correctly.
When using a blow dryer be sure to be gentle and to handle it with care. DO NOT over dry your hair as the heat can cause your hair and scalp to dry out, which can lead to irritation and loss of hair. 

3. Throw a hat on.
Maybe it's best to say good-bye to that amazing hairdo for a while and protect your hair with a warm winter hat! Get yourself a cozy winter cap and keep it on during these cold winter months. 
4. Eat right and stay hydrated. 
Maintaining a healthy diet full of beneficial vitamins is the best way to keep your hair and scalp looking and feeling strong, nourished, and healthy. Ensure you drink plenty of water to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. If your having trouble with this step, check out our StimuGro Hair Growth Supplements! They provide nutritional support for healthy hair growth along with an important source of protein which helps maintain the hair shaft. StimuGro Supplements also support blood circulation & helps as a tonic.

5. Use less hot water.
We all love a nice hot shower when it's super cold outside... but... it's actually horrible for our scalp! Hot water is neither good for your scalp or skin; it dehydrates your skin and scalp causing it to dry out and develop long term irritation and other issues. It's better to take a shower with warm water and keep that hot water usage down!

6. Condition, condition, condition!
We cannot stress the important of conditioning! This is a "must" in every hair care routine. Make SURE to follow up your shower and shampoo with an effective conditioner. For all seasons - warm or cold we recommend using a Leave In conditioner to fully gain all the benefits and nutrients. Be sure to check out our Chebe Leave - In Hair Conditioner and find out why it's so important to use!

7. Don't keep your home too hot. 
Be sure to avoid getting a temperature shock when you get home or when you’re going out; if the temperature inside your apartment or home is much warmer than outside it can irritate your skin and scalp.

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