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I have very thinning hair on the top of my head and the sides. I also have lock that are constantly breaking. Will your products help my hair grow and thicken back to what they used to be?

Your hair thinning up on the top and side of your head might be for two reasons 

1. Female pattern thinning (FPT) which is usually due to genetics, heavily absorbed from your mothers side of the family. 

2. Traction Alopecia (TA) a very common determining factor with my clients who choose to do locks and braids all the time especially when they are long or worn for a long time. 

We advise you to use the following:

  • The Stimugro Revitalizer droplet with the
  • Derma Roller twice/ week. This will block the DHT  that causes hair loss and will promote a healthier hair growth. 
  • Oil Infused Chebe Powder Mix (You can make it at home and use it daily without washing the hair). This will help nourish and restore your hair and also promote stronger hair growth.

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing the Chebe Mix and I have a few questions. Is the Chebe Mix for hair growth, hair retention or just for general health of the hair? Is it mixed with water or oil, and if so, what are the best oils that should be used? Last, long does the larger size last? Thank you for your time and assistance. 

The Chebe Powder Mix acts like a henna. Henna works best with Indian hair and other similar types of hair structure, however if we use Henna on African hair, it will dry out and cause breakage. Our Chebe mix has been designed to work effectively on African Hair and has shown to restore the damages and nourish your hair which leads to stronger growth. 

Yes, Chebe works best with oil. You can use any oil but I prefer Shea butter or Avocado oil 

The large Mix package should last you 2-3 months if you use it once a week as a treatment, but you can leave it on for days before washing

Also you can take a portion and infuse it with a carrier oil (Olive oil or Almond oil, leave in and use this daily)

Lastly our Mix is Original and the only one in the market that works, has been tested and is safe

Helpful tip: try to wash your hair with distilled water,  especially for the last rinse. This is because tap water contains lots of harsh chemicals that damage our hair.

First of all, how do you know for sure you're getting pure ingredients and secondly, the women of Chad apply the mixture to their hair every 5 days and have been doing so since birth. How much of the powder comes in one order?

Women in Chad don't wash their hair very often and leave the Chebe powder in for a long time. We have tailored the Chebe powder to restore hair today based on our own needs and routines, however the powder is made in Chad by Chadian women who use it and make it often, therefore our ingredients are pure and from Chad. We recommend that the Chebe Powder Mix is used once a week and the infused oil to be used daily. This should deliver similar results. This method is also approved by a Chadian Trichologist, Dodji Ousmane.


Does the Chebe Powder Mix smell?

Chebe has a nutty smell. Also an ingredient in the powder mix, lavender croton, carries a strong lavender smell. It depend also on the roasting process, the darker the Chebe the more stronger the smell.


Are you suppose to wet the hair first, or leave it damp after you have washed?

You can use it either ways but if you wearing it under a wig or cap it is best to be use it on dry hair to avoid any fungus build up especially if wearing the wig or cap for more then 24 hours. 


How come the powder in the original Video or Documentary is dark while Chebe powder mix is lighter in color?

I have asked the our Chadian suppliers the same question and this is what they told us:

  • The freshly made Chebe mix is lighter in color, that mix is then prepared and stored 
  • The Chebe seeds also come in different colors - a reddish one and white one so that effects the final color.
  • It depend on the roasting process, sometimes different ingredients are added in. 
  • The color of a large quantity is different then the color of a smaller quantity, however none of this affects the quality of the mix.


All questions answered and approved by: 

Dodji Ousmane

Trichologist ( Hair and scalp specialist ), Holistic Nutritionist- RHP

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  • If Chebe gets on the scalp or skin will it cause skin damage to the scalp making the hair fall out. Can you speak or elaborate on this? How long does one have to use the chebe to see results? I use mine in shea butter and then I pre poo with it only oil to the scalp and the chebe 3" from the scalp. Thank you.

  • Hello, how do i know if my chebe powder is original by the colour

  • Hello. I am a bit skeptical about using a product that comes from many different countries, and touches many different hands, before finally getting to me. Is there independent testing performed on this product, and if so how does one get the information on the independent tester? Like if I wanted to know if the product was pure, who do I contact? Thank you so much for your help!


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