Black Hair Summer Survival Tips - Hot Weather Hair Guide!


Use these summer hair survival tips from StimuGro to make sure you have healthy, nourished, and moisturized hair in these upcoming hot months!

A Bad Summer Formula:

Scientists say continued exposure to sun, salt water, and chlorine are all damaging to the hair. If you are a summer lover - by the end of the season experts say hair can become so dehydrated it looks and feels nearly fried. Both salt water and chlorine can dry, discolor, and damage hair. Chlorine binds to the hair, filling in gaps in the hair shaft. Mineral deposits in salt water make hair brassy and brittle. Both severely dehydrate normal hair. Kinky/curly hair is most at risk because it tends to be much drier than straight hair.

This summer, it is imperative that you take the right steps to avoid damaged, lifeless hair, and moisturize hair on a daily basis to restore moisture balance, and take the time to incorporate a quality summer hair care regime. Check out some of our doctor and trichologist recommended tips for summer hair below.


StimuGro Summer Tip 1 - The Water

If you decide to go swimming this summer - in a pool, lake, ocean, or really any body of water drench your hair with water and apply a layer of conditioner to the hair. The mixing of water / conditioner will act as a filler of gaps for your hair shaft and work as a defense against the chlorinated water. If possible, wear a swim cap whenever you are in water. Yes, we know, it might not look the greatest, feel super uncomfortable, and have a hard time staying on, but, it's worth it! The cap works as a total protector of the hair in the water. 


StimuGro Summer Tip 2 - Be Gentle

In the summer hot months you have to treat your hair like it's a fine silk blouse. Make sure you are equipped with a gentle hydrating shampoo and a RICH conditioner. Gently massage a small amount of shampoo into the scalp and rinse it well. ALWAYS follow up with conditioner. Use a quality conditioner with moisturizing ingredients to deep condition your hair on a weekly basis during the summer. Look for conditioners with lots of vitamins, chebe ingredients, argan oil, silk amino acids, etc. 


StimuGro Summer Tip 3 - The Right Amount

Over-shampooing and under-conditioning is a common culprit to dry and frizzy hair – especially in the summer months. Shampooing more than 1x a week is not recommended. On “shampoo-less” days, simply do a conditioning rinse – rinse your hair to remove styling products (this is when using the right products that are water soluble come in). Apply an ample amount of your favorite conditioner, comb through, rinse, and proceed with styling. Doing so will pump much needed moisture back into your hair without stripping away essential nutrients, rinse away unnecessary dirt and oil, and give it a fresh, clean start.


StimuGro Summer Tip 4 - Chemical Products

Do your best to avoid products that contain synthetic oils such as mineral and/or petrolatum oil, as they further dehydrate hair. Also avoid products that contain drying alcohol, such as hair spray, mousse and some gels. Instead, opt for a finishing lotion and natural products with hydrating qualities. 


StimuGro Summer Tip 5 - To Hydrate is Key

It's very important to hydrate your curls DAILY! It softens the hair, eases comb ability, moisturizes and conditions, preps it for the next step, and leaves a little goodness behind. Use this daily, under any styling product you use for your hair. Consider this “underwear” for the hair. Also, make sure to pay special attention to the ends of your hair; after all, they are the oldest part of the hair. Mix a bit of a conditioner with a natural oil, apply, and comb through ends; leave in for extra protection.


How StimuGro Products Can Help This Summer!



Get the whole Chebe Line!
Chebe Hair Oil
Chebe Shampoo 
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What is Chebe:

Chébé, a Chadian mixture of herbs is made primarily from Croton Gratissimus,
also known as the Lavender Croton. Used for decades in Africa, it has proven to restore and maintain healthy hair.

Anti Inflammatory: Cleanses the scalp and prevents fungus from growing in. 

Alkaloids: It neutralizes the PH of the hair Shaft and the scalp.

Moisture: It is moisturizing and allows the hair to grow in long, black and nourished locks.


Chebe Hair Oil (4 oz):

The Chebe Hair Oil has been clinically proven to fight breakage, strengthen and moisturize the hair. The all natural Chebe ingredients promote stronger growth of the hair shaft and the anti-fungal properties of the oil deter bacterial growth which can lead to hair loss. Use the Chebe Hair Oil with the Chebe Hair Shampoo and Chebe Leave-In Conditioner to grow back your long and nourished locks. Chebe Hair Oil is easy to use and contains no dye's which makes it discolor and stain free. 


Chebe Hair Shampoo (8 oz):

The Chebe Hair Shampoo is created with all natural ingredients which have strong nourishing qualities. The infusion of Chebe with other beneficial ingredients promote the Chebe Shampoo to cleanse, neutralize and moisturize the scalp for stronger growth.


Chebe Leave In Conditioner (8 oz):

Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner is an extreme moisturizer for your hair. It's voluminous ingredients will thoroughly hydrate your hair giving it a rich feel. Get all the benefits of Chebe, without feeling the powder in your hair. Chebe Leave In Hair Conditioner has been proven to reduce breakage and hair loss while promoting a stronger hair growth. Healthier, stronger, and moisturized hair.


Shipping Information:

We offer low rate - fast shipping worldwide. We strive to get your order out within 24 hours if possible once we have received your payment in full for the purchase. As mentioned, shipping carrier can vary depending on address location, destination, and type of shipping speed paid for. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for your products to arrive. 


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