Top Black Hair Myths Debunked!

True or False? - Top Hair Myths Debunked!

Myth #1: Trimming the ends of your hair makes it grow. 
Ends are at the end of your hair strand... Your hair grows from your scalp... This means trimming ends has nothing to do with growth. The best and most important reason to get ends trimmed is to get rid of damaged ends and to make hair even. If you have split ends, single strand knots, or any damage at the end of your hair shaft, you are risking retention, not growth. Hair will grow regardless. Keeping your ends trimmed helps to retain that length... trim your ends when necessary!
Myth #2: Natural Hair does not grow.
That is absolutely not true! Natural hair can take much longer for growth to become visible because of the curl/coil pattern of natural hair, it could lead to shrinkage... but don't fear... your length is there! It’s just a matter of natural ingredients, regular care and moisture, and patience before it becomes apparent. 
Myth #3: Water will dry out my hair. 
Wrong! Water is the best moisturizer for natural hair so don’t be scared to apply it! The key to maintaining a strong moisture balance is retaining the water that you do apply to your hair via sealing.
Myth #4: Braid extensions will help your hair to grow faster
Wrong again! Studies show that one’s growth rate is determined largely by genetics and then diet and health. What braid extensions do allow for is length retention... not faster growth... when properly maintained. Poor maintenance of your hair while in braids can actually have the opposite affect and cause hair loss. 
Myth #5: Black hair is the strongest hair type. 
The truth is actually the opposite. While natural black kinky/curly hair may be thicker than other hair types (you may have more hair strands on your head), each hair strand itself is actually very fragile due to its loose cuticle layer and curl pattern. Therefore, black natural hair is actually more prone to breakage than other hair types.
Myth #6: Stress turns your hair gray.
Believe it or now this is actually not true! if it were true, we'd all be gray by high school. Getting gray is largely due to genetics. When the cells that produce melanin, which is your hair pigment, no longer produce color, it's over. There is no current scientific proof that stress accelerates graying, but it can do other unfriendly things. For example, all hair goes through rest periods when follicles don't grow. Extreme stress can push this growth phase ahead. So three months from now, you may experience more fallout than usual, and the new hairs that grow in may be gray. 
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