Chébé: The wonder herbs from the perspective of a Chadian Trichologist


There has been a lot of attention centered around the recent video a YouTuber and fellow Chadian, Miss Sahel, that brought to light the very ancient hair care treatment originating from Chad, Africa. I have seen chébe/chéwe being used throughout my life and childhood. I am truly excited to be sharing a part of my culture with you. Shebe is something that my country has used for a long time, and it has proven to restore and maintain the health of our hair and to help it grow into long, silky black hair. It is only now that I can explain the benefits of chebe and how it affected the incredible growth of our hair.

Shébé a Chadian mixture of herbs is made primarily from Croton gratissimus, also known as the lavender croton. It is a bush tree mainly found in Africa.

Benefits of Chébé  for Hair:  


  • Anti Inflammatory: cleanses the scalp and prevents fungus and other scalp issues from growing in scalps, which causes hair loss which mimics Female Pattern Thinning (FPT) and the prevention of hair growth.
  • Alkaloids: It neutralizes the PH of the hair Shaft and the scalp
  • Moisture: This is the biggest factor in hair growth, It is moisturizing and allows the hair to grow in long, black and nourished locks

Those are the three main compounds found in  Chebe mixture that is important for healthy Hair and growth. The mixture works in such a way that the benefits lie for most people of African descent, people with black hair.


As a Trichologist and originally from Chad, I came up the best method to use in modern days I have found that there are two methods to use this product. My knowledge of hair and hair growth coupled with my own cultural experience will help to provide you with best  two options of use:

Option 1

Shebe powder can be used as a treatment once or twice a week by mixing it with preferable oil to make a paste.  This can then be applied to the hair for a minimum of two hours. Afterward, rinse it with water to get the powder out, this way you would keep all of the benefits of the Shebe without the aroma or the powder.

Option 2

Diffuse it in the oil for a period of time and used as needed. Olive oil can be used as a carrier oil and leave it in for 2-3 weeks in a glass jar in a dark and dry place. Shake every day  ( meanwhile, you can do the treatment as specified in option one) once done, the oil can be applied daily to dry hair to be left on. 

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Dodji Ousmane.

 Trichologist, Holistic Nutritionist



  • I’ve been loosing my hair since 2016 and since than I’ve been looking for answers and reaching for product that can help my hair grow back and I came across this Chebe product but I still have lots of questions that will this powder help my hair grow back into full volume. I am from the pacific islands .

  • This is a Black WOMAN owned business and it’s going to stay that way, right? If so, then I’m definitely supporting it. I don’t ever want to financially support a black male/white female Shea Moisture sham operation ever again.

    And there is nothing about Basara Arab MEN or Chadian and Sudanese MEN in the government taking the money or controlling the businesses of these WOMEN, right? Because I’ve heard that happens a lot in African hair braiding shops and I refuse to pay good money for African men to work their women to death while they financially profit off of it.

    Emme D
  • Hello Faye!

    We worked with Chadian women in Chad as our owner is form there . the Shebe powder has arrived here and we are waiting to cleared from the airport here in Canada. We are licence Hair Clinic and we shouldn’t have problem receiving it. Thank you !

    Stimugro Customer service
  • Why are you advertising a product that no one can seem to find??

    Faye Hawkins

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